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Approximate heating surface (m²)
Heat output (kW)
52 - 52
Heating type

Pellet Sets

Pellet boiler BURNiT WBS PELLET 50, WBS 70 - Pell 70, 50kW
Set of steel boiler WBS with pre-mounted pellet burner and fuel feeder. Range in nominal output to satisfy the ...
€ 4,597.00
Upon Request
Pellet Burner BURNiT WBS AC Pellet 50 Active 70 - Pell 70, 65kW
Set of steel boiler WBS with pre-mounted pellet burner and fuel feeder. Range in nominal output from 20 to 90 kW to ...
€ 5,084.00
Upon Request

Pellet Sets

Top Prices of【Pellet Sets】➤ 16-60 KW ➤ BURNiT ✔ Ferroli ✔ Buy Online ☎ +442037692153 ☎

Pellet Sets

If you are looking for heating for medium or large rooms, BalkanEnergy.NET can offer you pellet boilers complete with a burner from well-established manufacturers that are economical, highly efficient and deliver the desired comfort in every home.

What are the advantages of pellet boilers

  • Automatic ignition;
  • Automated combustion process;
  • Microprocessor control;
  • Economy and efficiency;
  • Less waste residue.

Pellet boilers are easy and convenient to operate, in combination with a suitable pellet burner become a great convenience for the user by reducing maintenance time and fuel costs.

For your convenience, we at Balkanenergy offer ready-made pellet boiler and pellet burner kits at competitive prices, which guarantee maximum efficiency and the best heat exchange. All pellet boilers meet the mandatory requirements for sale in the European Union and are made to the highest quality standards.

Pellet boiler Ferroli SUN PELLET (set)

Ferroli SUN PELLET cast iron pellet boilers are economical and reliable, as they are made of high quality cast iron ribs that can withstand high heat loads and amplitudes. The specially shaped elements of the pellet boiler, the good distribution of gases in the chamber and the low water content provide excellent heat exchange and low thermal inertia.
With power range from 30 to 48kW, they are a convenient and modern way of heating, which emits minimal harmful emissions.

Pellet boiler BURNiT WBS (set)

The pellet sets of the Bulgarian brand Burnit with a power range from 20 to 90 kW, meet the heating needs of medium to large rooms and achieve very high levels of efficiency. Steel boilers are specially adapted for burning pellets, and the safety elements mounted on them make them reliable and safe to operate.

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