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ROTHENBERGER Uni Stepped Key with ratchet
Use the UNI stepped key set for installing and removing heating nipples, tank connections and short tap extensions.
€ 59.70
Rothenberger Chain Wrench, Reversible, 4" R/L
Double-sided teeth surface set against the turning direction Works in both directions without re-inserting Scratch ...
€ 50.31
Rothenberger Soft Soldering Paste Rosol 3" 250g
For joining copper pipes to copper, gunmetal and brass fittings
€ 15.38
ROTHENBERGER Solder for fittings 3, 2 mm, 250 g spool, ISO 9453
ROTHENBERGER Rosol 3 S3 2 mm is a quality soft solder made in accordance with DIN EN 29453. For connecting copper ...
€ 16.26
Multigas 300, 600 ml, 7/16“-EU ROTHENBERGER
Disposable gas bottle Rothenberger Multigas 300. For all types of Rothenberger soldering torches and for burners ...
€ 7.78
Maxigas 400, 600ml, 7/16"-EU ROTHENBERGER
Finely refined gases for continuous operation without interruption, harmless to ozone, do not contain ...
€ 7.78
ROTHENBERGER  ROLOT S5,similar DIN 1044, 2x2x500mm
The ROTHENBERGER ROLOT brazing alloys are outstandingly suitable for numerous brazing jobs due to their melting and ...
€ 61.21
ROTHENBERGER  ROLOT S 94 CuP 179, ISO 17672, 500mm
The ROTHENBERGER ROLOT solders are suitable for numerous soldering applications due to their melting and flow ...
€ 32.87
Rothenberger LP 5" Hard Solder Paste 160 g
Flux for hand soldering at working temperatures above 600 °C Hard solders with silver content and usable with ...
€ 8.05
Electro-Hydraulic Machine ROMAX 4000 Basic Set ROTHENBERGER
The ROMAX 4000 is an electro-hydraulic, battery powered press machine for system dependant pressing of fittings up ...
from € 2,016.28
The ROTHENBERGER ROFLARE REVOLVER facilitates the reliable production of standard single 45° flares in the ...
€ 328.66
The ROTHENBERGER ROFLARE REVOLVER facilitates the reliable production of standard single 45° flares in the ...
€ 328.66
With the torque wrench ROTORQUE, installers from the refrigeration / air-conditioning industry can tighten nut up ...
€ 159.04
Tee-Extractor Set ROTHENBERGER
HVAC installers can use the tee-extractors for producing T-branches on copper pipes. The double v-block facilitates ...
from € 729.10
ROTHEBERGER Step-Expander A1 without Ratchet
HVAC installers can use the step expander A1 for bending copper and aluminium pipes. Expansions can be performed ...
€ 2,910.32
Upon Request
Standard Head Expander ROTHENBERGER
Standard expander heads can be used by HVAC installers for expanding copper, stainless steel and aluminium pipes in ...
from € 136.63


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