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Wood Burning Boilers

Wood Burning Boiler Termomont TKU3-W PRO, 40 kW
TKU3-W  PRO Three-horizontal-pass hot-water boiler primarily aimed to burn wood logs or biomass bricks. Boiler ...
€ 1,866.00

Wood Burning Boilers

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Wood Burning Boilers

It has been proven that the heating of your house is the most economical with a central heating system, including a solid fuel boiler. BalkanEnergy.NET offers different types of solid fuel boilers, and they are generally divided according to the following criteria:

  • According to the material from which solid fuel boilers are made, they are divided into cast iron and steel boilers;
  • Depending on the combustion process, solid fuel boilers can be pyrolysis boilers;
  • According to the fuel used by them, they are divided into combined boilers, pellet boilers, wood and coal boilers;
  • According to the type of combustion, solid fuel boilers are divided into boilers with natural draft and boilers with forced draft (boilers with blower fan with control).

BalkanEnergy.NET is a distributor of Bulgarian, Turkish, Czech and Croatian solid fuel boilers established in the Balkans and Europe. All solid fuel boilers meet the mandatory requirements for sale throughout the European Union and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. All solid fuel boilers are accompanied by installation and operating instructions, which the customer must read and follow.

Here are some of the brands you will find in our store:

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