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Chimney Heat Exchangers

The heat exchanger uses the high temperature of the flue gases of a wood burning stove and radiates it in the room, which increases the overall efficiency. It is easily attached on the chimney pipe without the need of extra connectors, and the unique design increases the heat exchanging area without..
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The Typhoon heat exchanger connection diameter 120 mm and 6 pipes with damper sheet steel increases the heat exchange surface and heat output, saves energy costs and protects the environment. Simply insert this heat exchanger between the existing flue pipes. Large heat exchange area with very compac..
€ 85.00
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The hot air heat exchanger is with a connection diameter of 130 mm and 5 pipes, which increase the heat exchanger surface and give higher performance with low heating energy, saving energy costs and reducing environmental pollution. Simply install the heat exchanger between the existing pipes. ..
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BalkanEnergy.NET gives you the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your wood stove by purchasing one of our chimney heat exchangers.

The heat exchangers are placed immediately after the wood-burning stove. They are made of stainless steel or black sheet metal, designed in a way that increases the path of the flue gases, increasing the heat dissipation area of ​​your heating appliance. We offer a model Vulcan with 6 ribs and a simple exchanger for a stove with 5 ribs.