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Igniters / Resistors

Heating element with air-canalizing tube for pellet stoves, total length 120mm, 350W
Kit for pellet burner cartridge resistor - ignitor with resistor tube, air-canalizing tube HT62708 - HT53905, ...
€ 78.70
Heating element for pellet stoves, total length 175mm, 350W
Kit for pellet stove cartridge resistor - igniter with resistor tube, air-canalizing tube HT68005 with  ...
€ 71.60
Heating element for Pellet Burners Burnit Pell, 325 W
Resistance with flange for the ignition and burning. Suitable for Burnit Pell pellet burners.
€ 80.00
Heating element for Ferroli pellet burner, 350W
Resistance for the ignition and burning of Ferroli pellet burners
€ 84.00

Igniters / Resistors

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