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Stove Accessories

Ideally suited for keeping the fireplace tidy while stoking the fire.Manufactured from quality cast iron and steel to ensure long lasting...
€ 55.80
The frequent use of PISSA off will prevent further creosote from forming.With PISSA off, you can have your chimney clean from creosote in order to avoid thenegative consequences of a fire in it.DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Light your fireplace, your woodstove or your wood boiler.Wait until ember bed is create..
€ 13.85
In the method of cathodic protection with STOPCOR , we impose a current that comes from the sacrificial anode, negatively charging the installation we want to protect. In this way, while before the installation was the anode of a galvanic cell (negative oxidizing pole), it becomes the cathode of an ..
€ 65.00
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