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Energy Economy is a healthy steadily growing trading company. The main focus of the company is to meet the needs of ecological and economic heating and cooling. Our company is active in the retail and wholesale trade of heating and cooling products and related components and installation materials. We are developing a network of partners to provide complete installation solutions for our clients. We are focusing on quality and economical solutions, giving additional value to your investment. We trade products that are mainly manufactured in the Balkans, most of them in Bulgaria, of certified quality at low reasonable prices. We provide support for our customers via digital solutions like YouTube videos, WhatsApp, Phone, Email and Live Video Chat. We try to keep in stock full range of spare parts for the products  we offer and others. 

We are a Pan-European company registered in several countries:

  • Germany- DE324598868
  • France- FR58852945815
  • Italy- IT00237149992
  • Czech Republic- CZ684909570
  • United Kingdom- GB323320060



  • Retail sale of renewable solid fuel heating solutions and the installation parts
  • Retail sale of cooling systems by top manufacturers
  • Wholesale of heating systems of selected manufacturers.

The selection of the products we trade is based on the value for money, technological innovations, certification documents and design.



  • Heating and cooling using renewable energy sources is the future we must deliver to our children
  • Modern technical solutions for energy saving and ease of use
  • Respect the client and his financial capabilities
  • Our trust and perseverance is our greatest asset. Loyal customers and customers who recommend us to third parties, is the best reward for our effort.
  • Team work. The Energy Economy team is international with employees from across Europe. We are committed to lead Energy Economy to excellence through exemplary customer care, creativity, and an open mind.
  • The implementation of innovative technologies and channels for the promotion, management and delivery of our products, quickly and efficiently.




                                   Mitko Marinov                                                                 Athanasios Zachariadis                                                               Kristiyan Antonov                                                       

                       Shareholder, General Manager                                        Shareholder, Marketing Manager                                          Shareholder, Technical Director                          

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