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8.18 - 20
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Pellet Cookers

Alfa Plam Alfa Term 20 Pellet, 20kW
 pellets     radiant heating    floor heating     food ...
€ 2,645.00
Alfa Plam Alfa 90 Pelet, 8.18kW
 8 kW  75 x 55 x 75 mm  80 mm   200 m3  80 m2  141/163 kg  A+  Yes ...
€ 2,185.00

Pellet Cookers

Top Prices of【Pellet Cookers】➤ 8-20 KW ➤ Alfa-Plam ✔ Buy Online ☎ +442037692153 ☎

Pellet Cookers

Pellet Cookers

Pellet cookers are a relatively new development, which, however, has many qualities and is becoming increasingly popular in the household. In addition to preparing your favorite food, with these appliances you can also heat the living space during the heating period, which reduces energy costs.
Some models have a back boiler, which makes them even more economical and energy efficient.
Another advantage is the easy maintenance. Unlike wood-burning stoves, which require constant monitoring of fuel levels, the pellets one automate this process.

Pellet heating and cooking are superior to using wood for several reasons:

  • Less harmful gases and no black smoke;
  • They burn almost completely, about 98%;
  • The pellets do not require additional processing;
  • Pellets are easier to store.

The pellet cookers offered by BalkanEnergy.NET combine functionality, comfort, ecology and aesthetics in one.

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