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Pedestal Fans

Brand: Telemax
The Telemax FS40-806 floor fan is of excellent quality and appearance. It has double fan technology for better air distribution. It has a powerful 60 watt motor and includes 3 speed options. Finally, assembly is very easy. Specifications: Diameter 16'' (40 cm); 3 speed levels; Power 60 ..
€ 51.00
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Brand: Telemax
Telemax FS65-ER1 professional floor fan with a large diameter of 26″ (66cm) power at 200watts and with a very powerful motor. It has 3 speed levels and tilting air direction. The solution of 2 metal blades was chosen which has the same performance but makes less noise. Specifications: Diame..
€ 238.00
Ex Tax:€ 198.33
Brand: Telemax
Professional floor fan Telemax Smart DC Fan FS45-DC17ARL with a very powerful DC motor (Brushless Motor) energy saving, quiet operation with a large diameter of 18″ (45 cm), minimum power 7 Watt up to max 90 Watt at the highest speed. It has an 18-blade high-performance impeller, 6 speed levels and ..
€ 198.00
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