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Infrared heater Telemax JH-NR18-13A, 1800W

Infrared heater Telemax JH-NR18-13A, 1800W

An elegant and modern patio heater that supplies immediate warmth without light and noise.

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Infrared Heater 1800 Watt Infrared Panel Heater JH-NR18-13A from Telemax with remote control for excellent performance, hygienic heating, removal of moisture from the walls, better heating distribution, space autonomy, ease of installation, space saving, aesthetics, durability economy, safety and zero maintenance costs. The radiator has IPX4 specifications and can be installed in the bathroom. The silent operation gives it the advantage of being used at any time of the day and throughout the night.
SKU: 30-1813

Infrared heating has several major advantages over traditional methods:

  • Very high efficiency- up to 92% of the used electricity is converted into thermal energy
  • Doesn't heat up or dry the air which prevents unpleasant conditions such as throat dryness, asthma, dry skin etc.
  • Heats objects and people - you will feel the warmth on your skin and it will eliminate any moisture from walls and windows.
  • No air circulation which means that no dust will be liffted in the air.
  • Space-saving Plug&Play installation - simply mount it and plug in the power socket.
  • Heat retention - heat is "stored" on your body and in the walls. You will feel warmth instantly, but the panel takes about 15-20 minutes to reach maximum performance and 30-40 minutes to cool down completely which means that it heats even when off.
  • No maintenance needed. 


  • Infrared Panel Heater
  • Excellent performance without light or noise
  • Power 1800 Watt
  • Coverage 20m²
  • Wall support
  • Possibility of mounting from the ceiling
  • Waterproofing IPX4
  • The Remote control is optional for the model
  • Dimensions 100 x 18.9 x 6.7 cm
Weight (kg) 7.4
Dimension Depth (mm) 67
Dimension Width (mm) 1000
Dimension Height (mm) 189
Warranty 2 Years
Protection class IP X4
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 230/50
Thermostat Yes
Certification RoHS
Approximate heating surface (m²) 20
Remote control Optional
Placement Indoor
Installation Wall mounted
Lamp type Ceramic
Maximum power (W) 1800
Heating speed Slow