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Shipping & Returns Policy


After we receive the payment, we try our best to ship our products within 2 days maximum. In rare cases there are delays but the customer is informed in time.

The shipments for small products (up to 50 kilos weight or volumetric) is fulfilled by courier service with delivery time 4-16 days. The shipment of big items over 50 kg is done with transportation companies with delivery time 7-16 days. In rare cases of very far regions the delivery can be late.

DENMARK 7-9 days
ESTONIA 8-10 days
FINLAND 8-10 days
LATVIA 10-12 days
LITHUANIA 7-9 days
PORTUGAL 8-10 days
SWEDEN 8-9 days
AUSTRIA 6-7 days
BELGIUM 10-12 days
SPAIN 8-10 days
NETHERLANDS 10-12 days
ITALY 10-12 days
FRANCE 10-12 days
UK** 10-14 days
GERMANY 6-7 days

Delivery time: the specified delivery times are in working days. The indicated time is indicative (usual transit time to the main cities in the indicated countries).

** Import VAT on goods entering Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) with a total value of £135 or less (excluding freight and insurance cost and any other identifiable taxes and charges) has been replaced by supply VAT which is charged by Energy Economy Ltd at the time of sale. There is no import VAT collected at the time of import.

** Import VAT on goods entering Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) with a total value over £135 are subject to some or all of the following taxes: customs duties, excise duties and VAT on importation. A customs declaration is prepared. All customs costs are charged to the customer additionally.

We take extra care the products to be efficiently packed, to avoid the damage and there insurance of the product equal to the value. In order the insurance to be in effect the client should check the status of the product upon arrival and in case of any problem he should deny the delivery or point out the problem.



The team tries hard to add more information about our products, more pictures, schemes, descriptions and technical specifications, in order to help the choice of the customer to be more accurate and buy exactly what they want. We support e-commerce and we want to promote its benefits, minimizing the customer’s concerns about distant sales. One of the biggest problems that might happen is the need for the return of the product and how do we take care the faulty products. Below we would like to make clear the company policy about the procedures and the cost. Our main target is to offer after sales service to build a yearlong trustful relationship. We have developed partnership with logistic centers in all countries in order to facilitate and speed up the transportation process.

Returns because of wrong delivery

In case of wrong delivery all expenses are borne on Energy Economy Ltd. The procedure and the way of return are suggested by Energy Economy.

Returns or repair of the faulty product

Solid fuel burning appliances are made mainly of steel, therefore are sturdy. The most common problems during transportation are broken glasses and worn off color. We solve these issues by sending new glasses, by sending a same color spray with fireproof paint or sending the faulty part.

On the rare case that a product is faulty and non-operational, the usual reason is some faulty part. The installer try to replace the faulty part with a new that we sent, and if there is no other solution, then the product is returned.

The cost of the shipping is paid by the customer unless, the shipment takes place 14 days after the delivery date, in that case it’s for Energy Economy expenses. The procedure and the way of return are suggested by Energy Economy.

In case of a faulty part, the process is the following:

The faulty part is sent with courier for replacement at the address Energy Economy Ltd, Mesta 22, 2850, Petrich. Tel +359 (0) 74599114

The part is checked and replaced by the manufacturer and it’s resent to the end customer. The expenses of the courier is on Energy Economy.

In case of a faulty product, non-repairable the process is the following:

The product is shipped to the logistic center that Energy Economy suggests. It is forwarded to the manufacturer and it’s repaired or replaced. As soon as possible it’s resent to the customer.

Returns because you changed your mind

For 14 days after the delivery date you have the right to change your mind and you can return the product unused. You can choose another product or we can return your money. The transportation costs of customer’s decision are paid by the customer.

General instructions

Before the return of any product Energy-Economy must be contacted to [email protected]

The returned products must be with the RMA request form, the invoice and the receipt of payment. (copies of these documents must be kept for the customer’s files).

The returned products must be very well packed to avoid the damage during transportation otherwise the customer pays the damage.

Every returned product is checked by Energy Economy tech department and the customer is informed about the status.

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