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Brand: Tiemme
The temperature controller SY400 allows to manage the combustion of stoves/boilers with solid combustible or Biomass such as Wood, Pellet, Maize version: AIR with air exchanger HYDRO with water exchanger SYSTEM in case of integrated installations Through connections it conn..
€ 355.10
Brand: Tiemme
The easy and reliable operation software with advanced functions allows the SY100 mainboard to be installed on almost every type of Air (direct) pellet stoves. It also has advanced functions that are accessible by technicians who can adjust the operating parameters via the keyboard/display or via a ..
€ 214.70
Brand: Tiemme
The SY400 MZQ121 mainboard allows to manage the combustion process of stoves/boilers with solid fuel or Biomass such as Wood or Pellets: It can manage the following system types: AIR with air heat exchanger HYDRO with water boiler SYSTEM in case of integrated installations &..
€ 383.50
Brand: Tiemme
Tiemme MB250 IDRO (SY250) thermoregulation system is designed to control the operation of heating appliances such as pellet stoves, pellet burners, boilers, fireplaces, etc. It collects data from sensors and uses algorithms in order to control the installed hardware.The display provides two menu..
€ 398.80
Brand: Tiemme
CP110 display with keyboard allows: Displaying information about the system Displaying and modifying working parameters Displaying current temperatures of the system Setting starting and switching off programs using built-in weekly programmer Setting user menu parameters ..
€ 247.40
Brand: Tiemme
The TIEMME FC 810 controller for wood inserts manages completely and efficiently the operation of the fireplace. Reads and shows on the display the air temperature of the heat exchangers and it regulates the ventilation with three operation modes: Manual - The fan works independently to..
€ 209.00
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