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Approximate heating surface (m²)
Energy efficiency class
Heat output (kW)
8 - 12
Heating type

Direct Pellet Stoves

Pellet stove Ekoterm Proekt PS 9 Pony, 9 kW
- € 166.00
Advantages of Pellet stove PS 9 Pony: Compact and modern design; Structural components from renowned European ...
€ 1,350.00€ 1,516.00
Alfa Plam Luca, 12kW
 12 kW  78,7 x 129 x 57,6 mm  80 mm  200 m3  77 m2  158 / 184 kg  A+ The pellet ...
€ 1,990.00
Alfa Plam Luca, 8kW
 pellets      hot air fan The pellet stove is designed for direct space heating residence ...
€ 1,637.00

Direct Pellet Stoves

Top Prices of【Direct Pellet Stoves】➤30 6-30 KW ➤ Palazzetti ✔ Alfa-Plam ✔ Balkan Energy ✔ Buy Online ☎ +442037692153 ☎

Direct Pellet Stoves

Direct pellet stoves are the best choice for heating open spaces up to 100m2. Depending on the model, they are available in powers from 6 to 12 kW. All of them have automatic ignition and are equipped with intelligent electronic control. All pellet stoves without a back boiler have a pellet hopper, a blower fan and a fan for precise control of the combustion process. The size of the chimney is Ф80mm. The stoves BalkanEnergy.NET offers are not capricious about the quality of pellets, as long as they are wood. They are easy to install and maintain.

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