Energy efficiency class
Heat output (kW)
17 - 17
Expansion vessel included
Overheating protected
Circulation pump included
Heating type

Pellet Stoves With Back Boiler

Alfa Plam Dino, 17kW
 pellets      radiant heating   floor heating    possibility for management ...
€ 2,910.00

Pellet Stoves With Back Boiler

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Pellet Stoves With Back Boiler

Do you want heating, but also to enjoy the fire? Yes, this is possible with our pellet stoves with a back boiler. The pellet stoves with back boiler offered by BalkanEnergy.NET fit perfectly in any living room or kitchen, at the same time you heat the whole floor and when buying a water heater you have hot water for household needs. All of them have a built-in circulation pump and an expansion vessel for a closed system. They are available in capacities from 12 to 32kW and depending on the model are suitable for heating one-story and two-story houses with a total area of ​​up to about 170-190m2.

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