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Smoke extractor fan LN2 Natalini for pellet stoves Maximum airflow 160 m³/h

Smoke extractor fan LN2 Natalini for pellet stoves Maximum airflow 160 m³/h

Smoke extractor/ extractor fan for pellet stoves.

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SITGROUP LN2 NATALINI PL21 CE0260 - W931210260 smoke extractor has been designed to be used for pellet stoves and biomass boilers, which range power is from 5 to 20 KW.

For the following stoves:

ECO SPAR Solara 6kW, Tukana 8kW, Karina 10kW, Gemini 8kW, 10kW, Minima 12kW (incl. B-model), Alba 18kW (incl. B-model), Auriga 25kW (incl. B-model) 


ARCE mod. Smart, Smart Jr, Micrò, Micrò Jr

CADEL mod.Cloe, Cloe 3, Diana, Doge 3 Plus, Ibis 11KW, Nice, Prince 3, Rondò, Sfera, Sfera Plus, Sire Plus, Square, Venus, Venus 3 Plus

CALECOSOL mod. Zhana 

CAMINETTI MONTEGRAPPA mod. LI8 Evo, LS6 Evo, LS9 Evo, NP7 Evo, NP10 Evo, NX10 Evo 

DEVILLE mod. Ambra Air, Isis, Onyx, Pegase, Sirius, Venus

EDILKAMIN mod. Bering, Bora, Classica, Classica Plus, Idrochip, Idropoint, Idropolis, Kikka, Kikka Plus, Micron, Mya, Naomy, Point, Point plus, Polis, Polis plus, Prima, Simpli, Zara, Zara plus, Chip, Jane

EMAFLAM mod. Alma, Alma Rond, Citra, Diama, Hema, Sandro

EUROALPI mod. Marmolada, Pasubio, Vezzana

MORETTI DESIGN mod. A7 Globe, Globe Glass, A7 Style, A8 Compact, A9 Iron, Stone, Piramid, A10 Compact, Style, A11 Glass, Iron, Stone, Ergonomic, Classic, A10 Retro, A12 Retro, Style, Classic Style, All Style, Elegance, A13 Style, All Style, Cless, Relax, C7 Globe, Globe Glass, C8 Compact, C9 Iron, Stone, C10 Compact, C11 Glass, Iron, Stone, C12 Style, All Style, Classic Style, C13 Style, All Style, Clessidra, Venere S, Oldy 9, Ramses, Pretty Plus, Virgo, Micro, Mini, Alba, Pretty, Zeus, Sixty, Oldy, Gioia, Trilly, A6 Iron, A5 Compact, Iride, Athena, Artemide, Vesta, Poseidon, Compact, Genus Mini, Aqua 9 Style, All Style, Aqua 11 Glass, Iron, Stone, Aqua 12 Retro, Aqua 13 Style, All Style, Aqua 15 Iron, Stone, Retro, Aqua 12 Slot, Aqua 16 Slot, Aqua 18 Compact, AQUA 18 Turbo Compact Glass 

PALAZETTI mod. Angelica, Caterina, Giada da Rivestire, Isabella, Letizia, Margherita New, Penelope, Silvia, Slimmy, Tracy 

PALLADIO mod. Scozia 10kW 


QLIMA mod. Delmara 75 S-line, 88 S-line, 125 S-line, Diandra 60 S-line, 90 S-line, Fiorina 103 S-line, 74 S-line, 90 S-line, Tectro TBH 558, TBH 564, TBH 565, TBH 570, Delfina III 90 M-line, Ronda 100 S-line, Ronda 80 glass, Ronda 80 S-line 

RAVELLI mod. Lisa 2005, 2006, Young 60, 80, 110 

SIDEROS mod. Gemini Più 

It can be set up in place of LN2 PL20 model and XIANG RRL152

Provided with aluminised steel spiral, which output diameter is of 80 mm, and AISI 430 steel rotor.

Designed to generate up-to-300Pa-pressures with a maximum airflow range of 160 m3/h.

Equipped of input nozzle for the smoke output tube and Hall Effect sensor (encoder).

In compliance with EN60335-1, EN61591, EN60704-3, EN60704-2-13 rules. Insulation class: H; Protection class: I.

Weight (kg) 1.0000
Country of Manufacture Italy
Dimension Depth (mm) 152
Dimension Height (mm) 207
Warranty 6 months
MPN 14706001
Electric power supply (V/Hz) 220-240/ 50-60
Power consumption (W) 50
Type Smoke extractor fan
Total length [mm] 255
Rotation speed (rpm) up to 2500
Generated pressure (Pa) 300
Flange connector (mm) 80
Maximum airflow rate (m³/h) 160
Compatibility Moretti Design